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convergence of technologies

  • 1 Industrial Automation

    As the leading exporter of industrial automation products, we mainly export our products to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, West Africa, West Europe, South America and South Africa. As we always do business according to international standards with honesty and efficiency, we have won a very good reputation in our business field. The prices of our automation products are so competitive that they are attracting more and more international clients.
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  • 2 Consultancy and Services

    Crintekk International is the largest independent systems integrator in Pakistan, and a global leader in Industrial Automation, Enterprise Integration and Strategic Manufacturing Solutions. With Over 30 professionals on staff at 06 locations, we work with clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries — from CNC Systems to food and beverage. Our people, process and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution, using the most appropriate technology.
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  • 3 Access Control System

    Due to the never-ending threat of theft, vandalism, and the recent increase in terrorism, security is must for all businesses large or small. Crintekk carries a complete line of security equipment and electronics for all kinds of vulnerable areas. This includes a total system approach to provide the security needed to monitor the entry and exit of delivery personnel, as well as employees.
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  • 4 Machine Condition Monitoring

    Do you have a general vibration test need? Here you'll find Crintekk shaker controller, general purpose electrodynamic shakers (PM-series shakers, Energizer shakers, C-series shakers), and amplifiers. If you don't know which vibration testing equipment matches your specific application contact Crintekk Int to have a system designed around your specific vibration testing equipment needs. From Linear Actuators to multi-axis vibration control, Crintekk Int offers the tools & Services you require for your vibration test.
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  • 5 Aerospace Components

    The aerospace industry contributes fundamentally to the way the world lives, works, interacts and, of course, travels. Crintekk Int delivered engineering solutions for a broad range of aerospace platforms.
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